Humin Earth

100% Organic Soil & Water Remediation, Micro-Nutrient, and Microorganism biostimulant, and organic pesticide.

How clean is your soil and irrigation water?

Are you depleting, or enriching your soil and water?

Here are the top 10 reasons to consider using all-natural soil and water amendments today:

  • Remediate chemicals and hydrocarbons in your soil, and irrigation water.
  • Remediate toxic effects of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Raise the CEC in soil, and water = higher nutrient uptake for plants.
  • Enhanced terpene, and terpenoid production in all plants. (Better taste)
  • Water retention = drought resistance
  • Erosion control through collodial complexation of minerals in soil.
  • Sustain beneficial microbial life in soil and water resouces.
  • Reduce pollution and protect water and soil.
  • Preserve agricultural diversity.

Organic Soil for Human Vitality

Soil is not just “dirt” but the basis of all life. Healthy soil is alive with billions of microbes that feed all living things on our planet. Humin Earth's organic blend of minerals, micro-nutrients, and micro-organisms is the only way to remediate the frightening loss of precious topsoil, large-scale environmental pollution, and help an ailing society of chemically contaminated people and products. Seventy years of American farming practices have left us with damaged soil, and damaged food. The only feasible solution is to nurture the soil, food, and people back to health by cutting out synthetic chemicals and replenishing all of the nutrients we take out of the land.  Organic farming is the only way to achieve this result.  Humin Earth ammendments to your soil will regenerate your soil health. Organic farming is the future... would  you like to know why?

Soil repair, remediation, and biostimulation!

Far from being life sustaining, our modern chemical-dependent farming methods strip soil of nutrients, destroy critical soil microbes, and contribute to desertification & global climate change. Currently farmlands are saturated with toxic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers which migrate into our ground water, rivers, lakes, and oceans.   We have many superfund sites that require major remediation efforts due to human negligence.  Humin Earth has the all-natural solution for your soil or  water remediation project.

Humin Earth's water soluable products combine natures strongest work-horses to bring back the fertility of your soil, and vitality of your irrigation water.
Our Liquid products work with every nutrient delivery system.  The more Humin Earth product you apply, the greater your soil and plants will thrive.

Humin Earth ingredients are procured  exclusively in the USA! Our Soil bio-stimulant blends improve germination, enhances nutrient uptake, decreases water usage, and reduces vegetation time allowing for earlier harvest, while also increasing yields!
Everything tastes, and smells better when grown with Humin Earth!
Humin Earth Organic fertilizer heals your soil, and water supply, preserving farmlands for generations.

Grow better soil, grow better food!

Soil Health for Better Food!

Humin Earth blends are loaded with essential minerals that feed the plants we eat.  Organic Humin Earth products enhance beneficial microbes, and fungi in the soil.  More micro-organism activity in the soil, equates to more nutrient uptake! This increases the terpenes in the plant, which are responsible for scent, and taste, but also boost the plants natural health benefits, including enzymes, vital minerals, and nutrients.

Humin Earth organic products act as a dilator, increasing the permeability of cell walls. This allows important minerals to travel more easily throught the soil, and into the cells of the plant.  Our blends essentialy feed the soil, which directly benefits all life.  Humin Earth boosts chlorophyl in all plants, and the chelation effects of our products are well known to absorb nutrients and minerals already found in the soil.  

Humin Earth buffers alkalinity of water and soil.

Much of our soil around the planet has been adulterated and abused to the point where a high alkalinity is commonplace in most farmland.  Fortunately Humin Earth bio-stimulant ammendments will naturally buffer, and lower the Ph in both soil, and water.  Thanks to the colloidal structure of our Humin Earth components, our blends promote fast molecular bonding with water and minerals giving these bonds the ability to gelatinize.  That is how many researchers explain the increase in soil water retention after Humin Earth treatment.  This is particularly important for drought-afflicted regions.  Humin Earth is collodial and bonds with metals, which results in formulation of complexes and insoluble salts. (This is naturally Ph buffering.)  It was discovered that this process is very important not only for nourishment of the plants but also for soil structuring.  Humin Earth blends react with potassium, magnesium, aluminum, and iron, that are always present in soil, and forms organomineral bridges that bond mechanical particles of the soil into a life-sustaining structure for microorganisms.  This structure is capable of withstanding erosion, retaining water and air, and creating favorable conditions for the existence of the microorganisms.

Humin Earth and Mycorrhizae (fungus and roots)

The word ”mycorrhizae” is derived from the Greek words: mykos—meaning fungus, and riza—meaning root.  Mycorrhizae are specialized, beneficial fungi that establish symbiotic relationships with plant roots. Mycorrhizal fungi bond with growing plant root tissues, increasing the root mass.  The fungi’s long thread-like mycelia are especially effective in capturing moisture and nutrients from the soil, particularly nitrogen and phosphorous. Fungi consume the nutrients, but most importantly, they generously share them with the roots of the host plant. In return, the host plant provides the fungi with photosynthesized nutrients, and active sugars. Humin Earth products literally feed these micro-organisms, creating a stronger symbiotic relationship between plant, and mycorrhizal active soil.

Water Retention, and Ionic exchange.

There is a symbiotic connection between the roots, and the soil.   Humin Earth blends contain a very complex molecular structure, with particle masses in the 750-1500 micron in size.  This is the main reason it is practically insoluble in water. 
Especially exciting, when the concentration of the Humin Earth product reaches 0.005-0.009% (this particular concentration is recommended for watering plants), the plants frequency signal increases from 52.7 Hertz to 103 Hertz, which indicates structurization of water!  Our product causes water to obtain the structure of "melted water" (previously frozen), which is known to have a medicinal effect on animate organisms and plants. Humin Earth Biostimulant, which is has over a hundred different molecules, enhances all aspects of micro-nutrient, and macro-nutrient uptake, while reducing the amount of water required for optimal plant growth. This decreases vegetation time naturally, while reducing water consumption.

Humin Earth, and Ion-exchange.

A particularly large number of processes can be observed in Humin Earth treated soil.  The molecules in our Humin Earth blend are natural complex generators (essentially mini-batteries).  All essential microelements, form chelated complexes when mixing with Humin Earth blends.  This is required for all plants’ nourishment.  As for heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, chrome, cadmium, and others, their penetration into fruit and further into the human and animal organisms leads to serious illnesses.  Humin Earth blends form insoluble compounds with heavy metals, which creates the barrier for their penetration into the cell.  With the use of space photography, it was established that the regions with soil rich in Humin Earth have higher ecological balance in spite of the intensive technogenic pressure.  Another important quality of our products is its ability to bond iron and aluminum ions into complexes, since their excess amount in soil results in poor phosphorus nutrition of the plants.  Iron forms complexes with the Humin Earth blend, which ensures its transportation to the plants, while aluminum creates insoluble compounds with our product, which neutralizes damaging effect of aluminum on phosphates.  Long-term wide scale experiments have been conducted which showed that this product can neutralize the negative effects of residual amounts of pesticides (atrazine was used in tests).  It ensures good crop capacity and ecological purity of the product.  For the countries with cold and moderate climates it is very important that the Humin Earth products have the ability to change the color of soil to a darker color.  Forming the coloring, the Humin Earth changes thermal conditions.  For instance, cold clay soils become warmer.   This structure is capable of withstanding erosion, retaining water and air, and creating favorable conditions for the existence of the microorganisms.  It is no coincidence that all researchers have noted the increase in the activity of all types of soil microorganisms with the presence of the Humin Earth.   That is why treatment with Humin Earth is the only effective measure to restore the fertility of soil whether damaged, or soil that has not been originally rich with proper nutrients.  Humin Earth ammendments  contain a lot of functional groups capable of ion-exchange reactions.  Therefore, the soil’s ion-exchange capacity dramatically increases in their presence.  Humin Earth enhanced soils are a treasury where nutrients are stored and supplied to the plants when needed.